User Interface

Anticipating the User's Eye and Hand Movements

Obtaining a positive user experience evolves anticipating the user's needs before the user has a need. This occurs in both the system and in the design. Cohesion of these two elements ensures the user's needs have been met.

It doesn't matter how dynamic a system is, if the user does not have an immediate visual connection to the product, they will not continue to use it. Likewise, a the system that is visually pleasing, but is non-functional, will quickly loose the user. Both will translate into a poor CX experience.

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Adobe Xd UI Mobile App Prototype AXURE UI WEX Exercise Prototype

AXURE UI Dashboard Prototype

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Prototype Design

Testing before Production

Prototype design allows for user tester to occur to ensure a positive user experience. This process provides the opportunity for redesign. Prototyping can be in the form of a physical product or beta testing of software. Systems such as AXURE and myBalsamiq are industry standards for prototyping.

Prototyping can be done in low or high fidelity. I use low fidelity prototyping to test the user on the system. This allows for the user to stay focus on the task and not get distracted with wanting to provide design critique. Low fidelity testing benefits the development team. To test for user product interaction, I like high fidelity prototyping. This allows me to determine the product's visual and physical appeal to the user. High fidelity testing benefits the design team.

RVC Front and Backend Prototype

Using OmniGraffle Pro and AXURE

Mocking up a prototype can be done in OmniGraffle and then taken into Axure to apply hotspots. Axure is also used in direct prototyping. These methods are considered throw-aways as no code is generated in order to directly take into development. The benefit of this type of prototyping is that it can be quickly mocked up and become an intregal part of the agile design process.

AXURE Prototype
RVC Dashboard.

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