Information Architect

Designing the Structure of Shared Information

Information architecture provides information on the user experience. IA goes beyond system navigation. It is the ability to design content with context, that best will demonstrate the user's task flow process. Human Computer Interaction always focuses on the end users experience. It is the primary objective throughout all the processes that I undertake. To ensure a positive User Experience that will translate into a positive Customer Experience.

Information Architect can be utilized in both a digital and physical environment.

Information Architecture Icon.

Digital Environment

Concept Map

A concept map is a way to organize and graphically represent knowledge. Concept and their relationship with each other are explored. Concepts are represented by shapes. The lines show the relationship. Line labels are verbs which tells the action associated between the concepts.

Concept maps can be complex or quite simple, depending upon the content and context of the information being presented. I am able to display even complex concept maps in an organized manner that is easy to navigate and understand.

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Concept map of Carin Camen's portfolio.

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HCI Flow Chart Process

HCI begins with the end user in mind. User's are brought in at the initial stages to ensure that the final project meets the user's objective. This process saves the organization developer time and money. It is more cost effective to gain insight to the user thought process with a flow chart, than to find after the product launch that the user's natural task flow process is contrary to the systems.

I am able to apply critical thinking to organize steps in the process and display them effectively. The process of working with the system team and the system user is shown in the flow chart.

Website Flow Chart.

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User Site Map

Developing a user site map consists of a combination of a task flow chart and site map. By combining the two, one can quickly view the user's task flow and how the system should match the user.

This chart provides a side by side view of the user's task flow and how the system should be developed to match the user's expectations. As shown, I am able to narrow in on the details of a task while also providing an overview.

Site map also showing user's task flow process.

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Physical Space Environment

Physical Space Site Map

Much of concepts in HCI can be applied to both the digital and physical environments. Site maps are traditionally thought of being used for website navigation. Navigation through a physical space follows the same technique and patterns for creation of the space. The user is the focal point in both environments.

The legend shows each step of the two task flow with distinct colors. There is a task flow for washing and one for drying shown by distinct colors. Steps in the task that can be used for either washing or drying are shown in a gradient of the two colors.

Physical space site map for a laundry mat layout.

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Task Flow Chart

Task flow charts are similar to concept maps, in that they organiza the flow of a task. They can be used for system or physical tasks. This is a simple sample of a task flow chart for a laundry mat.

Maintaining the same legend colors provide cohesion between the two graphical designs.

Task flow chart for a laundry mat layout.

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Physical Space Wire Frame

Laying out the structure of the space is done with wire framing. This is a concept that is familiar in the digital environment, that can be implemented in the physical environment.

Regardless of whether this process is done digitally or physically, the steps are the same.

  • Create site map laying out primary and sub-primary placement patterns.
  • Develop user task flow to ensure system meets real world expectations.
  • Layout the space in a manner that assists the user in obtaining a positive experience when completing task.
Physical layout for a laundry mat layout.

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