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Caring Camen Consulting, LLC

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Breaking down complex projects into achievable, result driven strategies.

Carin Camen Consulting, LLC is my business entity in which I provide UX and CX consulting services in both digital and physical realms. My combined degrees in Human Computer Interaction and Graphic Design, allows me to utilize my knowledge and skill throughout the project phase cycles.

Throughout this site, I have provided details to the processes and strategies that I use to help business owners navigate through User Focused Design methodologies. Whether it's a digital or print project, these same principles will apply.

The recurring challenge that I see most businesses make, is when everyone wants to jump to the Execution Phase without fully developing the initial three stages. The results can be catastrophic for long-term customer retention.

Project Phases

  • Discovery Phase
  • Strategy Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Execution Phase
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How it Works

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Premier Service

This is where I will personally work on the project throughout the four phases of development, in a collaborative environment directly with the project owner. Depending upon the complexity of the front and back end systems, I will either code the project myself, or utilize my team of highly qualified developers, who will code the more complex systems.

  • Premier I - On Site
  • Premier II - Remote
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Consulting Service

In this role, I will work with the client's current design and development teams in a consultant role capacity, to provide additional UX/CX training throughout the project's life cycle.

  • Consulting I - On Site
  • Consulting II - Remote
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Mentor Service

In this role, I will work with multiple business at the same time. This service will include online training pod casts, training manual and weekly webinar sessions where live questions can be asked.

  • Mentor I - Remote with group mentor sessions.
  • Mentor II - Option to add personal one on one remote mentor sessions.

Service Brief

I invite you to view the free training tutorial on User Focused Design.

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Training Manual Brief

Skim through the first few pages of the training manual that is included in all service packages.

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